Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of NSW Inc
( Ram Krishna Temple )

It is one of the first Hindu Organisation established in Australia. 

The aim of the SABHA is to facilitate and spread HINDU religion in Australia. 

The SABHA is a democratic organisation, which is open to all Hindus and governed by its constitution and the association Incorporated Act. with bye-laws and code of conduct for its membership.

It has over 400 registered membership including “life members’”

The secondary aim of the Sabha is to teach the Hindi language; music; dancing yoga; mediation; fine arts and cultural heritage, to all Australians regardless of background and to promote understanding and goodwill in the diverse Australian community.

The Sabha will provide a safe place to learn and advance in an environment which is free from illicit drugs; alcohol; smoking and the consumption of animal meat including fish and eggs.

The Sabha is a creature of its Constitution Registered pursuant to the Incorporations Act with powers to regulate its affairs and to enact bye-laws and code of conduct for its membership.

Registration Number YO1374-01 


Sanatan Ratan Mr Gyan Singh is the founder of the Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha of NSW. The organisation was formed in 1975 and first meeting was held in Surrey Hills and then moved to Redfern.

On night of Shiv Ratari in 1978 at Haberfield the foundation for forming a proper Association was committed and implemented.

In those days’ times were very hard the average weekly wage was around $80 but the hearts of all those who began to participate was very big. I congratulate each and every founding member for their generous contribution. Mr Gyan Singh said, the idea of purchasing a venue for temple was first proposed by Late Mr Ram Karan and he gave the donation of $1000.00. 

His magnanimous gesture set the pace for us to embark upon the long road to buying our first property in Chipping Norton.  As the needs of our community grew we moved to  Lyn Parade.

We cannot forget the contribution that Mr Bal Kissun, Suriya Narayan, Pt Sadanand, and Mr Murgan Mani made.  There were many more people were involved to mention, but I am sure when someone will write our history the contribution of each and every member will be recognised”.

In May 2008, the SABHA bought 3 Acres of prime land situated at 275 Fifteenth Avenue for construction of Ram Krishna Temple.

Address: 275 Fifteenth Ave, Austral Sydney, NSW, Australia 2179

Email: info@ramkrishnatemplesydney.com